Piñata Farms Launches Free, Online Meme Generator

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In the mood for some meme fun but don’t know where to turn? Relax, because Piñata Farms have done it again! Keep reading to hear about our new online meme generator 👀

We’ve got something new for you 🎁 🤫

Piñata Farms has established itself as a leader in the meme generator industry, with a state-of-the-art app. Video memes? ✅Image memes? ✅ Super fast and easy meme maker technology? ✅ We’ve got you.

Ok, sure. But . . .Piñata Farms isn’t your Mom’s meme maker.  It’s something new; something fresh - something the meme world hasn’t quite seen . . . and it just got even better.

The most diverse meme template library . . . ever

We just added thousands of meme templates to our online meme library. You can find the best memes of all time or narrow it down to your favorites from 2020, 2021, or 2022. We have the meme templates you forgot about and the templates you have yet to discover. But our library isn’t just a collection of blank meme formats. Here’s what’s different:

Easiest meme maker on the planet 🌎

Our developers stay up all night finding ways to make meme creation easier and more fun for you, the meme creator! Beyond providing tons of meme templates, Piñata Farms lets you customize those memes completely. Make it your own on the web, or download the app to add any face or images, or upgrade your meme game with videos. Do more with your memes. We know you have it in you 😎

Perfect for all devices 👍

If you’re in the mood for memes, you have options. It’s just a matter of choosing what works best for you–and that should be easy.

Desktop users: Do you want a fast-loading website that looks like it was made in this decade? 👵


An updated website + amazing meme ingredients = the perfect recipe for making quality memes 😋

Mobile users: Come over to the dark side … we have better memes 😈

We know you’re always on your phone. That’s why we make all our platforms completely mobile-first. You shouldn’t have to dust off your desktop to make quality memes. Just a few clicks on your phone and you’ll be ready to go viral 🔥

Some mobile sites might take you a minute to figure out

Piñata Farms is super user friendly, so you can use all your brain power for making more memes

Our app offers even more than our web-based version, and it’s available on iPhone and Android. We’re talking video memes, a rich template library, a feed of all our best meme creators’ work, screen replacement, and pose generation. If you want to be a power meme creator, it’s the place to be 🥰

Tell the other meme makers we said bye 👋

We’re different from the other guys, and we aren’t afraid to say it. If you’re ready to create the best memes ever, check us out. If our online meme format library, amazing new image meme technology, and fun website don’t convince you, our app definitely will. Download today on your Apple or Android devices and you’ll be an instant meme creator ✨

Q & A

What are some of the most popular memes of all time?

Meme trends are always changing, but there are a few trends that have stuck around for the long haul. Some of the most popular memes include Drake meme, Chad meme, Trade Offer meme, Spongebob meme, Spiderman meme, Always Has Been meme, Gru meme, Iceberg meme, The Office meme, Will Smith meme, and Aliens meme🤩

What updates will Piñata Farms have in the future?

Piñata Farms plans to always improve the meme maker industry. Coming up soon, meme creators will be able to add photos and stickers to meme templates and customize the layout of any meme format. If you NEED these features now, just download the app and start your meme journey with Piñata Farms 👍