Best Trending Meme Templates of 2020

A blurry version of the hero image. Dog purrell compilation 2020 meme

2020 might have been the worst year of our lives, but it was a great year for memes 😈

Check out the most popular ones below:

Even people who didn’t like Bernie loved this meme. Political memes make everything more fun 🥰

Shoutout to the people who underuse and overuse photoshop at the same time. 

This meme template wouldn’t exist without you

Chad is that alpha male you love to hate. He’s not bad to look at and he’s always got something to say 🌶

2020 twisted our perception of reality—and this meme twists any topic into a funny joke. Doge on steroids + little Shiba Inu = laughing for days 😭

Speak your meme truth, even if it’s completely incorrect 🤔

Most of us were trapped inside for months, but DW got us through it 😎

Tell the world how you really feel 😬 for your best moments (were there any?) and worst moments of 2020– this meme says it all 👀

Make any meme hotter by adding some drip. No caption needed 🥵

Rip to bad days once you start using this meme template 😁It’s not fun to die, but we all gotta do it. Might as well laugh on our way to the grave 💀

This meme template makes pretty much anything funny, even in 2020. Trusssst us 😉

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Q & A

Where can I make memes for free online? 
The best place to make memes is Piñata Farms, a free meme generator app. If you love classic image memes, you’ll find tons of trending templates. If you want to get fancy, Piñata Farms also has video memes. Download the app today and find out all about it 🙌

Where do I find blank meme templates?
Meme generators like Piñata Farms have all the meme templates you need. Scroll through the latest trending options and you’ll find the perfect one 🤳

What memes are trending? 
Check out the Piñata Farms trending page to stay up to date on the most popular memes. Memes are constantly recycled, so you might see old memes make a comeback 🏆