Most Famous Meme Templates of All Time

A blurry version of the hero image. "Most Popular" meme template

Memes aren’t a new thing, but there are a few trends that we never want to let go of. See if we have your favorites below:

Ever since its popular debut in 2015, no one has been sleeping on this trend. Even years later, Drake is still a fav and so is this perfect reaction meme 🤳

If you don’t want to spend time catching up on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, let us tell you what you need to know: Taylor Armstrong was upset during an argument. Meme makers remixed her tearful face with Smudge the cat and this meme format was born. Her pain became the entire internet’s gain, and we aren’t ready to let go of it yet . . .or ever 😹

Ever since 2011, meme makers have gone viral with meme remixes of this Office Space scene. Sarcasm, wit, and a little bit of attitude are all you need to make this meme template work for you 💅

How has this meme template stayed popular since 2010? You have one guess 😏

If the “👀” emoji could come alive in a meme, it would be this one

The brain is the only organ able to roast itself 🤔 Use the expanding brain meme format to make the process more fun . . . Just make sure you don’t hurt your own feelings 😈

POV: when it’s time to make important life decisions 🥵 Next time you can’t figure out which option you want, let this meme template from 2017 help you figure it out. Drive safe 🙃

Pikachu can’t believe how popular he’s been since the 1990s, but we aren’t surprised at all ❤️

Memes are the best place to make yourself feel better about not thinking things through. Work smarter, not harder 🥰

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Q & A

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