The Best Trending Meme Templates of 2022 (so far!)

A blurry version of the hero image. Grease Pulp Fiction

Unlike some of us, memes actually kept their new year's resolution to turn up the heat. 2022 memes aren’t at all like the memes of the past; 2022 has us interested in the real and raw moments–of violence, embarrassment and confusion. We've been through the meme fire of 2020-2021. It’s a vibe, trust us 😈

The Will Smith slap had us like 😲 but the memes have us like 💀 This giant TV moment was an instant meme trend of 2022. Keep his wife’s name out your mouth . . . But keep the memes rolling in 😎

Seinfield might be old, but it’s still funny and popular. So, go ahead. Elaborate. What’s going on in that room? it’s time for your meme to do the talking 😏

This meme template is giving . . . royal tantrum 🤴Princess Kate’s worst moment is now our best moment–and we have the memes to prove it!

Let’s all ride on the high of Jack Harlow telling Emma Chamberlain he loves her and then making a swift exit with this meme format✨

The woman was too stunned to speak. And the memes are too good not to share!

Pinata Farms is the best meme maker app of 2022:

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