Best Meme Templates of 2021

A blurry version of the hero image. Guy looking confused at camera

2021 was all about stepping into main character energy. Check out the list below of popular meme formats that got the job done:

Trades only, no funny business. Memes can get you everything you want in this life  . . . if you use the right meme template 😉

Anakin Padme 👁️👄👁️

Use this meme format to expose the biggest scams in society. Get serious or keep it silly. It’s all fun and games, right? Right? 😧

Iceberg 🧊

Just like a game of truth or dare, the iceberg meme template exposes what’s normally hidden. Time to play 😈

POV: you’re feeling fed up and Bernie in mittens is your eternal vibe 😤

Our best day: when TV translates effortlessly into meme format. Make a meme that gives Oprah something to think about . . . 🤔

We Are Not the Same👯‍♀️

Next time someone has the audacity, just make a meme that says “NO❤️” . . . respectfully

One of these guys has it figured out, and it’s time to choose that energy. Make the conversation around tough issues easier with this bus meme 👍

The Weekend’s performance made it clear that none of us know what’s going on in life. And that kind of sums up all of 2021 🥴

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