Yes Chad meme template

"Yes Chad" meme template

The ‘yes chad’ meme has a dark past, but a colorful future in the world of meme creation. Originally drawn as an ironic response to prolific racism on 4chan, Chad represents the idealized yet looked down upon version of white supremacy prevalent online - he is a caricature of what racism looks like today and exists solely to make fun of himself. He utters but one word when spoken to; ‘yes,’ and it is this utterance which highlights his lack of emotional depth, stupidity and absolute oblivion as to the fact that he is being roasted. As he moved away from his racist past, he has been teamed with other fictional characters to help drive his narrative, most notably the ‘soyjacks’ who act as a foil to this character. Chad now has a broader range of speech and range of emotions, but has maintained his impressively low IQ; he is still as dumb as a two planks of wood.

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