Virgin and Chad meme template

"Virgin and Chad" meme template

Average Enjoyer refers to a meme format that negatively compares fans of a certain thing to fans of another thing, usually ironically, referring to the latter as "enjoyers" or "appreciators." The format is based on photographs of two people who fall within the archetypes of Soyboy and a Chad and bears resemblances to Virgin vs.

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"Virgin and Chad" memes

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Virgin and Chad meme | SAKURA; YANG; TRIES TO "FIX" BAD BOYS; RECOGNIZES THAT WHEN SOMEONE STABS YOU, IT IS NOT THEM "PLAYING HARD TO GET" | image tagged in memes: naruto | made with Piñata Farms meme generator
Virgin and Chad meme | CLASSIC STAGE; CEC 2.0 | image tagged in memes | made with Piñata Farms meme generator
Virgin and Chad meme | Average Imgflip user; NandA_Productions_alt_account; Thinks EVERY SINGLE ONE of they're viewers is a boy with a girlfriend; Abuses offensive stereotypes for they're memes; Disrespects women; Knows that all internet users are both boys and girls with or without crushes, hates stereotypes, loves rap music, knows that personality doesn't depend on gender, writes comics; Hates rap music; Laughs at stupid jokes | image tagged in memes: women, virgin, respect, chad | made with Piñata Farms meme generator
Virgin and Chad meme | Doesn't care about pretending to be health food just serves quality sandwiches that people love; Has more locations than any other fast food chain but doesn't not make much of a profit; Serves quality choice meats on their sandwiches; Has several lawsuits against them about the quality of their food; Screws over their franchisees; Their chicken is actually 50% soy; Their spokesman molested children; Serves generous portions; Runs a non-profit organization that helps supply first responders with fire fighting equipment; Is more popular than Subway despite not having nearly as much locations as Subway; The Ireland Supreme Court ruled that their bread legally can't be called bread; Claims to be health food but really who are they kidding? Proving to be a profitable rapidly growing success; Their "footlong" isn't really a footlong; Their tuna isn't actually tuna; Cool Fireman theme | image tagged in memes: subway, quality, food, fast | made with Piñata Farms meme generator