Farming Season

The Farming Season is a six week video meme template competition that rewards creators with up to $3000. The season consists of two major elements: the Farming Pass and Weekly Rewards.

Farming Pass

With the Farming Pass, you can earn prizes when people make a meme with your video on the platform. We call these unique uses. If any video you create & upload to Piñata Farms over the course of the season hits any of the above tiers, you will earn the corresponding reward and up to $2,400. At 100 unique uses for each video, you will get $125.











Piñata Royalty


Tractor Driver

IG Shoutout from Piñata Farms



Cow Wrangler

Video featured in a category



$600 over 6 weeks

Weekly Rewards

With the weekly rewards, you can compete with the other participants to earn $100 each week throughout the six week season. To win, you have to get the most cumulative unique uses on your uploaded videos during the week.

dollar symbol coin with dollar symbol

How do you participate in the Farming Season?

Use the Piñata Studio to upload videos to our app, Piñata Farms. If your uploaded videos get unique uses on the app (which are uses by individual users), then you can earn the above rewards.

The Piñata Studio is similar to other video editing softwares, but specially designed to make the process of creating video meme templates simple and fun. Right now we are only offering access to a select group of initial users, so apply to participate!

Download Piñata Farms below to see examples of the types of videos you can farm on Piñata Studio, and how users use these farmed videos on the app.

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Farming Season Rules

  1. Only one use per user counts towards overall uses

  2. Only videos created during the 6 week season count as entries for the Farming Season

  3. Only uses received during the corresponding week count towards the Weekly Rewards

  4. Only uses received during the six week season count towards the Farming Pass

  5. Unlimited entries allowed

  6. Each farmer will be able to earn a maximum of $3,000 USD per season ($2,400 with the Farming Pass and up to $600 with the Weekly Rewards)

  7. Only videos created during the corresponding week count towards the Weekly Rewards