Shirt Cut Meme

A blurry version of the hero image. Shirt Cut

The Shirt Cut Meme

The shirt cut meme is an exploitable fan art meme that gained popularity in mid June 2021. The meme is a template for artists to draw characters from 5 different angles that partially reveal their breasts. The original image is a blank template titled “Shirt Cut”  with five panels titled side boob, inner side boob, boob window, underboob, and free space. The meme had a large response from many artist communities. Fan artists contributed their own examples which had both SFW and NSFW responses. There were of course a large handful of joke responses as well. Each iteration contributed to the spread, showing a wide variety of communities their variation on the meme. 


How do I make Shirt Cut memes? 

Use Piñata Farms, the lightning fast meme generator to make Shirt Cut memes in seconds.