Meme Marketing: Why Brands are Embracing Memes to Connect With Their Customers

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Don’t be “old school” when it comes to marketing. Come over to the modern marketing side. It’s fun. We have memes.

How we used to do marketing:
How we do it now:

No One Likes Ads

Your customers don’t want to look at ads. So don’t make them. Memes showcase your brand, but they're also fun and appeal to a wide variety of people. People want to be entertained AND informed on social media. Memes provide the language to do both!

Reach a Larger Audience

If you make funny content, people will share it, which gets your brand’s name out there. That’s free, viral marketing. Memes also help you target a younger audience which might have little interest in your brand otherwise. By using memes as part of your marketing campaign, you widen the customer net.

Become an Expert in Your Field

Give your customers info that will help them or educate them, and suddenly your brand becomes an expert. Just by posting memes, your company page can become the go-to place for entertainment, information, news and fun.

Memes Are Free And Easy to Produce

The Piñata Farms app is the best marketing meme maker—and it’s free! Customize image or video memes instantly with your logo, images of brand merchandise, and company catchphrases. Download the free meme making app Piñata Farms on your Apple or Android devices and you’ll be an instant meme creator ✨

Q & A

Can memes be used for marketing?

Many companies have successfully used memes as part of their marketing strategy. Use a meme generator app like Piñata Farms to create high quality and custom marketing memes in seconds!

Are memes professional?

Depends on the company! Many companies love having an informal work culture. Use appropriate text and images to keep memes safe for work.