Level up your DMs with memes

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No one meets the love of their life IRL anymore. Your beautiful face might get you matches... but memes will keep the convo flowing. So forget those corny pick-up lines and follow along for some free game 🏀

Shoot your shot 🔥

Slide into the DMs with a meme that can't be ignored. Be unique. Don't be lame and send the classic WYD message. Being funny is the best first impression, just look at Skete Davidson. Memes make this part easy.

Break the ice 🧊

So you want to get the conversation moving and you're thinking about bringing up NFTs... DON'T. DO. IT. Instead, break the ice with an elite meme 😼

Make your crush laugh 😭

Being funny is always a turn on. Use memes to stand out and make the conversation spicy 🌶

Reboot after awkward silence 😳

Memes are the perfect way to revive the conversation if it stalls. Open up your camera roll and show off that collection. Just be interesting.

Don’t ✍️ be ✍️ boring

Again, don’t stick to the script everyone uses. Stand out by using memes! Or slide in with a voice memo or even an email. Like our boy Steve Jobs said, 'think different' baby! 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Talk about your day 😎

Memes can inject life into the mundane details of your day-to-day. Make a random moment from class a funny topic of conversation. Make fun of something that happened last night. The person in your DMs can relate!

Set the mood 🍑

Getting to know someone new should be fun. By not taking things too seriously, you create a relaxing vibe and set the mood for what's next. Memes help with the process and make things more exciting... isn't that the point of all this, anyway?

Get the best meme maker

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Will I be annoying if I send too many memes?

Not if your memes are funny 😏 Use the best meme maker, Piñata Farms, for constantly fresh meme inspo. Remix the top video or image memes, stay trendy, and they will stay interested!

How do I make my memes even more special?

Piñata Farms is a meme generator app that lets you put any face right into endless videos and images.