An interview with SSB: Sports Meme Creator

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What’s the recipe for meme success? An ear to the streets, a little bit of hustle and, of course, the best meme maker in the business 🔥 

Piñata Farms sat down with SSB–one of the most successful meme creators on the Piñata Farms app.

Inspired by meme giants like Josiah Johnson (@KingJosiah54),  SSB’s biggest goal is to get reactions and make his audience laugh. Plus, using memes to pay some bills along the way doesn’t hurt 💸 Read below to learn all about his story and strategy! 

SSB’s first slam dunk 🏀

It all started with a little recognition from the right person. SSB posted a hilarious meme video and Shannon Sharpe (aka Unc) discovered it. The rest is history. SSB said, “The “Goat James” video tweet gained over 15k likes and 5k retweets within hours of Unc reposting it on his page.” That was the start of SSB’s meme success story – but it wasn’t the end 🤠

What’s in a name? 

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SSB wasn’t always SSB. In the interview, he explained that it  took a minute to get the account name just right—“I started off as Shannon Sharpe Burner, but I realized that if I used Unc’s name, I would be limited to what I can post or monetize over time. I slowly started to shift to SSB.

The secret to becoming a meme dealer 🤫

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SSB says, “Memes aren’t just for laughs—there are growing opportunities to even make a living off of them.” So what are some of his strategies to capitalize?

Pay attention to big news 

Network with the right people 

Post right away

SSB explains: “The meme dealer strategy is all about the right timing and place. For example, whenever Lebron wins a game, Unc or King Josiah will post a meme or tweet. Next, the Twitter sports wave – engagement from 1000s of people – will start.” 

That’s the time to tweet your own meme that perfectly captures the big sports moment. Then sit back and ride the wave 🌊

SSB’s meme dealer strategy in action. This meme gained quick traction in real time as tons of  NBA All Stars teamed up on the Nets to beat Lebron. 

LFG 🥳 🙌 

lfg meme

Sports fans are obsessed with memes, no question. 

SSB explains it best: “The sports community loves memes because it’s a universal language that we can speak without words. We use emojis to express our feelings and we use memes to connect with others on the topic. Everyone’s sense of humor allows us to connect and bond.

SSB 🤝 Piñata Farms App

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SSB is one of Piñata Farms’ top meme creators. Here’s why he loves the app:

No other app like it ⚡


SSB raved about the crazy amount of memes available on the app: “I can get on Piñata Farms and create an instant meme in real time. The app is quick and easy to use. Plus, the software and tagging capabilities on Piñata Farms is unmatched.” 


Get those views  📈


SSB’s success on Piñata Farms has helped build his brand. He explains: “I created memes with Piñata Farms based off real-time events and instantly posted them on Twitter and YouTube.” 


Even in the beginning, with no subs, SSB’s first post on Youtube Shorts got 4.1k views. It’s no secret that everyone likes Piñata Farms memes 🥰 


Find inspo ✨


There’s always something new on Piñata Farms! SSB  explained his inspo: “After Piñata Farms introduced the leaderboard, that inspired me to create more quality content from real life events.

Some final thoughts . . . ⏱️

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SSB has some last advice for all you future meme creators: 

Do you have to plan out all your meme content ahead of time? No. 

Does it help to bookmark your fav meme templates and videos on Piñata Farms in advance? Yes. 

But the most important thing for SSB is creating a fun and positive vibe. Toward the end of the interview he said,

Be yourself and live in the moment. The key to making memes is to allow your sense of humor to flourish naturally.” 

Follow SSB on Piñata Farms: ssb, Twitter: @ssburner_