How to Make a Meme with Piñata Farms AI Meme Generator

A blurry version of the hero image. Piñata Farms AI Meme Generator Example Images

The process of making memes can be so complicated, daunting and time consuming, especially if you want to make multiple memes about the same topic. Each meme has to be individually crafted, images have to be sourced and text has to be edited. By the time the meme has been made, the group chat has already moved on to a new topic. By the time you’ve found the right meme generator for your needs, the internet is on to the next trend. But now it’s easier than ever with the Piñata Farms AI meme generator. Here’s how!

Open the AI Meme Generator 🥳

Pick your subjects 🤪

The AI Meme generator works best with stickers. Stickers are image cutouts from photos that can be placed onto new photos. The stickers could be of famous people, which we have an extensive collection of already, or they could be of your friends. If you already have the perfect image in mind, you can upload directly from your camera roll. If you want more variety or aren’t exactly sure which picture you want of someone, you can make a head sticker, or headpack, of anyone via their Instagram account. Just type in their username or handle and select the photo you want to use for your headpack.

Write prompt describing funny scenario about your subjects 🤡

Once you’ve created and selected your desired headpacks, use them to type a prompt into the AI meme generator. The headpacks exist in place of the names so all you have to type is the actions you want the headpack to do. You could type all sorts of impossible scenarios like “Kim Kardashian helping the poor” or “Elon Musk inventing something that works ” or “Drake winning a street fight”, all of which are possible with the Piñata Farms AI meme generator.

Let the AI work its magic 🪄

After writing the perfect prompt, click “Generate” and let the magic happen. The AI will create 9 unique image memes based on your prompt. Select your favorite and either save it, or share it.

Share AI meme generator with your funniest friends 🥸

Once you’ve shared your meme on the Internet, it’s time to share the AI meme generator itself.  Every user invited to the Piñata Farms AI Meme Generator gets three invite codes to share with their friends. Use them wisely and share them with the most hilarious people you know.

The Piñata Farms AI meme generator allows anyone to create a meme in seconds. The world of meme creation is now open to everyone, whether they know photoshop or not.

The Piñata Farms AI meme generator is only just the beginning. We want everyone to be able to unleash their inner creativity and sense of humor. Creating is just as easy in the Piñata Farms app. Download it today to keep up with us as we democratize meme creation.