Gigachad Meme

A blurry version of the hero image. Gigachad

What is the Gigachad Meme?

On the internet, you’re either a Chad or a Virgin, at least according to the incels. The slang that started on secretive forums on reddit and 4chan is now commonplace in our internet language. There may be many different versions of the Chad/Virgin dichotomy but no Chad is more powerful than the Gigachad. The Gigachad is an image that depicts the ultimate “Chad Thundercock”, an ultra powerful, ultra masculine, hyper sexual archetype.

Where did the Gigachad meme come from?

The original Gigachad image came from the instagram, Sleek'n’Tears, an ongoing art project of heavily photoshopped images of bodies by russian photographer Krista Sudmalis. The original image is of Russian model, Ernest Khalimov. The Instagram post was posted on r/bodybuilding, the main body building subreddit and /pol/ or politically incorrect board on 4chan. On 4chan, the man in the image was described as “Gigachad, the perfect human specimen.”

How did the Gigachad meme spread?

For a long time, Gigachad existed mostly in the incel community. Users lamented their inability to achieve the Gigachad physique and their desire to be like him. They wrote explanations of the Gigachad and what they thought he could achieve because of his physical appearance. He was very popular in the incel community as he represented everything they thought they were not.

Gigachad Meme Mutation: Average Fan vs. Average Enjoyer Video Meme

Through the years the Gigachad gained familiarity across the internet. Both because the incels posted him outside of their dedicated forums and people who make fun of incels thought the image was funny. In 2021, the image became associated with the video version of the Average Fan vs Average enjoyer meme. While the meme existed in text before, in the video format the Gigachad was used to represent the average enjoyer. This gave the Gigachad a resurgence, especially among people who were not familiar with the incel community.

What does the real Gigachad think?

In April 2021, the person in the Gigachad memes publicly acknowledged them for the first time. After refusing to engage with the meme for years, Ernest Khalimov wrote about the meme on his instagram and said that he liked it. Instead of turning off his comments as he usually did, he wanted to engage with his fans about the meme. He responded to everyone with another post, thanking them for their kind words. He also noted that their ideas about him from the meme made him seem a lot more interesting than he was.

The Gigachad meme is great!

While the Gigachad meme may have started on Incel forums, it has morphed into a fun meme for all to enjoy. Even the subject, who was previously wary, enjoys the meme. Everyone can use the Gigachad image to represent the ideal male form, whatever that may mean to each meme maker! Use Piñata Farms, the lightning fast meme generator to make Gigachad memes in seconds!