Funny Meme Templates

A blurry version of the hero image. "Leo drinks" meme

Memes have been a favorite of the internet for years and they don’t seem to be going anywhere. While there’s no end to already created meme content online, sometimes the funniest option is to make your own! Meme generators like the Piñata Farms app have tons of funny meme templates available, including the ones below:

If your favorite hobby is jumping to conclusions, try out this meme format 🦘

Maybe if you make a meme with this template, your mom will actually begin to understand for once 🙃

This popular meme format came out in 2016, and we've been straight up confused ever since then. Coincidence…?  Impossible 😬

For the moments when you are just straight up not having a good time 💀 . . .

Atlas has been at his post for thousands of years, so use this meme to make his job a bit more fun. Someone’s gotta do the hard work 💪

Stonks 📈

Memes can help you become a millionaire (or even teach you to understand crypto!) At the very least they can help you show off your knowledge of stonks 😏

There’s gotta be someone to blame and it's not gonna be me 🤥

By 2019, when this meme template became popular, we had all started to recover from the clown scare of 2016. Little did we know we would become the clown ourselves 😭

In this day and age, we no longer let someone cheat on us and get away with it. Instead, we make memes about it ✨

This meme format went big in 2018 on Twitter. In the early days, this meme pictured Young Thug as an avid essay editor, then an angry parent. . . but he can be anything you want him to be 🥰

There’s nothing better than a classic story that’s been immortalized in meme format. Hey–if it worked for the Greeks, it can work for us 😈

The best meme maker app for funny memes 💯

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