Best Spotify Wrapped Memes

A blurry version of the hero image. Spotify Wrapped

It’s almost the end of 2022 so that means one thing, Spotify Wrapped! For music fans, It’s the best day of the year. People share their most listened-to artists and songs along with fun graphics that Spotify makes for its users. Like any great internet phenomenon, there are of course hilarious memes made every year. We made our own wrap-up of the best memes about Spotify Wrapped! Here they are!

Some People showed off their… unique listening taste.

Some just wanted to be nosy and see what other people were listening to.

And of course, make fun of them for their embarrassing music taste.

For some, we knew what they were listening to before Spotify even told us.

We all wondered how they even got their statistics and were left wondering how they knew so much.

This year they had some new features, like your mood music throughout the day. Listeners had trouble deciphering what exactly that was supposed to mean.

We were introduced to completely new genres of music this year.

And spent another year wondering what “Escape room music” was.

Some of us wanted more than just Spotify wrapped, we wanted it for every app on our phones.

Or we wanted a Spotify wrapped for our whole lives, and sum exactly how we all spent our years.

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