Best Memes About The Death of Queen Elizabeth

A blurry version of the hero image. nepotism

The Queen of England died earlier today and the internet exploded with memes about it. She was a controversial figure, and while she may have been beloved in England by some of her subjects, citizens of current and former colonies felt differently. However you may feel about her passing, her death was met with many different memes and reactions all over Twitter. Here are the best ones.

There were of course the initial responses to her death with the classic twitter sense of humor.

Before the news broke we were speculating on who was arriving at Balmoral Castle to say their goodbyes.

There were bizarre tweets from brands where we couldn’t tell if they were mourning or joking.

Princess Diana’s supporters had to make themselves known.

Americans of course had to defend our princess, Meghan Markle.

We had to get in a few jokes about British people and their love of beans.

We had to familiarize ourselves with the strange customs of British people.

There was the possibility it was all a prank and The Royal Family was just joking around.

We had to mourn what Elizabeth missed out on.

The best memes came from Black Twitter, Irish Twitter, and Indian Twitter.  It was even better when they came together to go crazy with memes. Here’s just a few of the many many memes