6 Reasons Why Piñata Farms is the Best Meme Maker App of 2022

A blurry version of the hero image. Toy Story Meme - Woody in the trash

There are endless meme making platforms on the internet, but none allow you to maximize your creativity and your time in the way that Piñata Farms does. Piñata Farms presents users with more than just a meme maker - it has an incredible community of creators who love to collaborate, have fun and dominate the meme market. Find out why Piñata Farms is the best meme maker app of 2022.

1. Meme creation is easy and fast ⚡️

Piñata Farms is a meme maker, editor and generator all mixed into one - it's almost too easy to make hilarious video and image memes. Don't want to spend hours creating a viral post? Hit up Piñata Farms for fast, easy creation. It's impossible to fail.

2. Tons of content available for you 💥

Piñata Farms has a library full of trending and random video meme templates, plus tons of images to choose from.  Think you can bring some heat to the template library? Add your own spicy content to the app and know you’re helping Marvin from Accounting 101 level up his game during a text exchange with his teacher, Rachel. 

Take a picture of anyone or anything and upload the image to your content collection in seconds. If you don’t want other users to have access to this content, you can change your settings to private. And guess what? We do the editing for you. Bye bye, Photoshop.

3. It's easy to troll your friends 😈

Remember when Courtney roasted you in the group chat last week? Create your first Piñata Farms meme using her face or name. Laughs, and revenge, guaranteed.

Using Piñata Farms will change your group chat forever. You can thank us later 🥱

4. Go viral 🔥

Don’t be restricted by tired classic image memes; with Piñata Farms, you can ALSO make video memes to share on any social media platform. Video memes are perfect for short attention spans, upgrading your online presence and quick responses. Don’t let an opportunity for a good comeback pass you by.

Bonus: It’s also possible to go viral on the Piñata Farms app. Make an amazing meme and you’ll get thousands of views, remixes, and follows. We love to celebrate and feature the best memes that the Piñata Farms community creates.

Even if going viral isn’t your goal, don’t worry. Just meme-ify your friends on our app, and your group chat will blow up. Courtney will never come for your Mom’s spaghetti again. 

5. Create memes for all audiences 🥰

Piñata Farms makes it easy to customize memes for any audience. If you don’t see the perfect ingredients for your meme, you can create something new in seconds, right on the app. It doesn’t matter if your audience are sports fanatics, bitcoin fiends, reality tv bingers, or your own family and friends. There’s a Piñata Farms meme for everyone.

6. Help your business grow 💸

Memes make money, well, kinda.  Memes are being utilized by many businesses as part of their marketing strategy to provide relatable, enticing content. Memes are the new language of any medium, and this has been proven in viral marketing campaigns, tv and print advertising and within online company discourse.

Ready to become a  meme creator? Download the Piñata Farms meme maker app today on the App Store or Google Play.


Which app can I use to make memes?

Piñata Farms is a fast, easy, and free meme creator app. You can create and edit image and video memes in seconds, right from your phone. The app is available for Apple and Android products through the App Store and Google Play

What is the best app to make video memes?

The best video meme generator app is Piñata Farms, available on Android and iOS. Piñata Farms is a meme maker and editor that allows you to turn any video clip into a meme. Start with one of our templates, and make it a meme by adding any face, object, or text. In seconds, you’ll be a video meme creator! 

How do I make a meme for free?

Making memes doesn't have to cost money. Piñata Farms is a free meme generator app that provides the best technology to create trending, viral, and hilarious memes.