6 Best Meme Generator Apps for iOS and Android in 2022

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If a meme maker is going to take up space on your phone, it better be good. Check out the list below of popular meme generator apps for apple and android phones:

1. Piñata Farms: 1,000+ Jokes in Your Pocket 😜

Piñata Farms is a triple threat: make your memes on iPhone, Android, or the web. Most apps just have image memes–which are cool and all, but Piñata Farms also has video memes. And, you can make hilarious jokes in seconds with tons of templates and AI technology. Face reenactment, head tracking, animated stickers, you name, we have it. 

Let’s just put it this way — anyone who downloads the Piñata Farms’ app is going to be the funniest person in the group chat. Go on. Download it and you’ll see what we mean 😏

2. Mematic: who Doesn’t Love Animal Memes? 🥺

If you’re a caption queen, this one’s for you. 👑 Although there’s not tons of customization, you can switch up the text easily. Pick from some classic templates or add your own pics, and get to writing!

3. Memes.com: Sorry Androids, It’s Not For You (iOS only) 📵

This meme app is cool for iPhone users, but at a price if you want all the features. 💰It’s got templates, distortion effects, and a chatroom community. Keep an eye out for fun memes 👀

4. MEME MAKER MEME CREATOR Pro: Allergic to Green Typing Bubbles (iOS only) 🤧

This meme maker is available on iOS, and many iPhone users like it. It’s got popular memes, and lets you customize the text on classic templates or your own uploads. To unlock all the fancy tools, it’s $35.99 USD/year. If you’re a meme investor, it might be worth it!

5. GATM Meme Generator (Android Only)

Over 5 million downloads, but none of them are iPhone users. Generate some of your favorite meme templates, and make them your own with the GATM meme app!

6. Memedroid: Become a Meme Robot?? 🤖

The best memes on the internet are sometimes the most random, and you’ll find those on the Memedroid app. There’s no rules–just take a meme template and add some fun text. You can save and share other user’s memes too 👍

Q & A

What is the best meme generator apps?

Piñata Farms! It has video and image memes, thousands of templates, tons of customizations, and is available on  iPhone, Android, or the web.

Is there a free meme maker app?

Piñata Farms is the best meme generator app, and it’s also free! Yep, that includes customizations, thousands of templates, and making your friends laugh endlessly 😀