Best Emmy's Memes 2022

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The Emmys were last night! They awarded Television's best from the past year and the internet exploded with memes. Whether your favorites won or lost there were so many memes to be seen. Here are the best memes from the 2022 ceremony.

Fans of AMC's Better Call Saul were excited and hopeful that they might finally have some winners for their amazing show. While they unfortunately went home empty handed, their fans managed to still make funny memes.

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Fans of HBO's White Lotus were confident in their ultimately correct prediction that they wold sweep their categories. There was some stiff competition against White Lotus but we all knew how it was going to end.

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The Succession fans went all out for their faves. Almost everyone in the main cast was nominated and everyone was rooting for a different actor. The Kendall Roy girls went all out in their finest garments to show their support.

We can't forget everyone's favorite part of any award show, the Red Carpet. No Red Carpet would be complete without a few memes. Here's a good one about Under the Banner of Heaven's Andrew Garfield.

Though everyone in the room tried to be a graceful loser, we held out hope that there might be some drama and fans could still see their favorite performances of the year recognized.

The beauty of award shows is that they're long and a lot happens. We begin to notice more and more about the production of the actual show. Anyone who keeps up with Awards Season is more than familiar with John Legend and his near constant presence. Finally someone said something.

At the end of the night, we were happy for our favorite actors and shows that won and sad for those that lost. But most of all, we were all rooting for Zendaya.