Best Scientist's Renderings Memes

A blurry version of the hero image. Lady Gaga as the Virgin Mary

This week people have been posting about scientists reconstructing the faces of historical figures. At first glance, they seem impressive but if you take a closer look, you realize that they are in fact 3D Models of living celebrities. It kicked off with a picture of Lady Gaga who was said to be a scientist's recreation of the Virgin Mary. Several others were inspired to create their own. What’s fun about this meme is that you can say it about almost any celebrity you can think of, and there’s probably a 3D model of them somewhere on the internet. 

Here are the best ones!

The one that started it all, Lady Gaga as the Virgin Mary

Lana Del Rey also as the Virgin Mary

Andre the Giant as Joseph

David Tennant as the Lost Husband of Queen Elizabeth

George Russel as Judas

Fernando Alonso as God

Harry Styles as Jesus

Miley Cyrus as Cleopatra

Stone Cold Steve Austin as Thanos

Baby Yoda as Baby Jesus