Background Remover

Easily remove the background from images in seconds with Piñata Farms AI technology.

How do I use this?

Upload a photo
Click “Upload” and select a photo from your camera roll (on mobile) or your files (on desktop)
After our AI works its magic and removes the background, download the image and share with your friends. You can also use the cutout to make a meme using our meme generator

How do I use this meme generator?

Why use Piñata Farms as your background remover?

⚡ Fast
Our background remover uses the most advanced AI technology to finish the process in seconds.
👌 Simple
The only thing you need to do is upload a photo, and let our AI do its magic. No skills necessary.
🔒 Secure
We delete all images uploaded so that your photos are secure.


Why use Piñata Farms
as your meme editor?


Say what you want to say

Say anything you want with a wide variety of text editing features. Change the font, color, and alignment. Move it easily with just your cursor or your finger


Customize your meme

There’re tools to add stickers of whatever and whoever you want. Add face stickers of everyone, from Kim Kardashian to your childhood best friend


Connect with other meme makers

Once you’ve started to make memes, get inspiration and recognition from fellow meme makers while they make and post their own memes