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What is Piñata Farms?

Piñata Farms is THE app for being funny.

We are simply just built different from these other toxic social media apps 🤷‍♂️

We want to help you harness your creativity by giving you easy-to-use tools that let you remix videos or images with faces, text, and stickers in seconds.

We want you to have anything you might need to become the king/queen of trolling, slide into the DMs, or wish your friend’s hot mom or dad happy birthday 😉

But maybe you're not feeling creative (we've all been there 😔), you can explore our vast library of memes to find the inspiration for what you need.


How it works?

The Creator Program is a college ambassador program run by Piñata Farms that empowers students to create content and get paid for it. 

  1. You create content on Piñata Farms that is funny to students at your college

  2. We host that content on your college’s Piñata page, which can be found on the app and the web

  3. You get paid for the content you create and how well it performs on campus



Get paid to create content


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