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Farming Season 1 Top 3 Farming Season 1 Prizes


  • Only one use per user counts towards overall uses

  • Only videos created during the 6 week season count as entries for the Farming Season

  • Only uses received during the 6 week season count towards the Farming Season

  • Unlimited entries allowed

  • Each farmer will be able to earn a maximum of $2,500 USD per season


How long is a season?

6 Weeks

What's the difference between the general competition & the farming pass?

The farming pass is on a per-video basis while the general competition is on a per-farmer basis.

How will the Farming Pass Tiers be displayed in the community?

The Farming Pass Tiers will be related to specific roles in the Piñata Farms Discord that we will assign to each user. If a user is in multiple tiers for multiple videos, then the user’s role will correspond to their highest tier.

When will the first Farming Season start?

The first farming season will start June 11th, 2021 Midnight PT & end July 23rd, 2021 at 11:59 PM PT.

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